Portrait of a model - Maria Katsoumpas

Maria Katsoumpas
Picture source: Marc Bauers
Maria Katsoumpas
Maria at Uno Italian fashion & shoes

Maria Katsoumpas, born on 24.12.1998 in Lauf, Germany, pursued her dream of becoming a model as a little girl and was very ambitious. She is beautiful, intelligent and has both feet on the ground. She strives for her goals like no other. Top styled with great charisma and her refreshing manner, she casts a spell over people. 


The trained dental assistant was not classically discovered by a photographer or model scout, no, it was the girlfriend who advised her to raise it more professionally. So Maria didn't think twice and started looking for photographers who already have experience in the shooting business and are serious. In general, anyone pursuing this goal should always be on their guard, Maria warns! Because in this business you attract attention that is not always wanted and everyone is aware of. 


A good photographer can already be recognized in the first preliminary talk, as he or she will respond to you, ask specific questions and, for example, suggest a suitable location where the shooting could take place. In addition, a contract will be drawn up and he agrees that the spectators may be present (for example take your girlfriend with you). For minors, first the parents or guardians have to give their consent and should be present at the shooting. 


With Marc Bauer and Rigo, Maria has found professionals on Instagram who are focused and competent. After all, it's not just about taking a few simple pictures quickly, but about really beautiful professional full body photos that are meaningful and have charisma.


The most important thing is not to focus only on yourself: Friends, family, the social environment and acceptance of what you are doing are incredibly important, says Maria. At first her Mother was skeptical about so much freedom of movement. Even her father was not always happy. But the whole family & friends are nevertheless mega proud, stand behind her and are enthusiastic about such great expressive photos, which among other things also transport emotions. 

Maria Katsoumpas -model & artist
Picture source: Marc Bauer

A young attractive lady who knows exactly what she wants! Open-minded, no problem to be permissive, but of course everything in moderation. Self-confidence in the shootings is crucial to get charismatic photos. Therefore Maria Katsoumpas makes herself with some music and dances relaxed to not stand rigid and dogged in front of the camera. If she has a bad day, this would be reflected in the photos. As a model it requires calmness and positive charisma. 


The photographer motivates them to achieve a good and decisive result. Clear and simple communication between photographer facilitates the poses and there is no room for long reflection. You just do it, with passion! But modelling also costs money, just like other hobbies. Good photographers are not for free. But there is a top result for example for Sedcards, Instagram etc. which can be of great use for applications or acquisitions in this industry. 


Maria does not trim her body to certain measurements, but the body adapts to the modelling. No matter what someone looks like, whether thin, thick, the style is important! Curvy models are the best proof of this. It is important to accept yourself, feel comfortable in your body and not to be superficial. Beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. 


Maria Katsoumpas always makes the best decision for herself and does not think about profit. With 1,57 m it is anyway difficult to be accepted in an agency. But who knows, maybe one day she will manage this way, the ambition is there. In any case she would also move abroad if a great offer would come. 

Katsoumpas Maria - model
Picture source: Marc Bauer
Maria Katsoumpas - model & artist
Picture source: Marc Bauer

Her good advice to all those who want to take such a path professionally: "First finish school, training or studies" to have something in your pocket and then think about a modeling career. 

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